The Seam Initiatives

To ignite progressive change within our industry and prepare for a more sustainable future, it starts with education. The Seam is committed to moving the agriculture supply chain forward to a sustainable, technology-driven future, while never forgetting our roots.

Blockchain Technology

Remember when you first heard about the internet, and you didn’t quite understand the concept? There had never been anything like it before, and the idea may not have made sense at the time. Now, you have a platform that allows you to research, discover and connect, and you probably can’t remember life without it, nor would you want to.

The same can be said about blockchain technology, which is a game-changer for the way industries like banking, finance and agriculture do business. This solution will enable the global cotton industry to share a single, immutable ledger for the buying, selling and compliant movement of cotton from field to fabric. This will create a sense of trust and transparency on a level that was not possible prior to now. Another benefit will be an accurate record of the original source of all cotton traded on the blockchain, furthering the goals of sustainability within the industry. More broadly, this solution will introduce efficiencies throughout the cotton supply chain. With trust built into the system, each transactional step linked with the previous, and the utilization of “smart contracts,” the platform will streamline cross-border settlement, enable the instantaneous transfer of currency and much more.

With blockchain, The Seam is able to provide its customers with a secure online environment that allows buyers and sellers to trade with confidence on a playing field that is leveled by technology, transparency and anonymity.

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Agritech Initiatives

The Seam is focused on helping farmers increase efficiency and reduce the amount of natural resources necessary to meet the world’s food and fiber needs. We take a progressive approach to modern agriculture, driven by continuous improvements and collaborations among farmers and researchers across the industry.

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Sustainability Initiatives

We’re committed to doing business with those who practice responsible cotton and peanut production. That’s why sustainability is such an important concept to us, as we focus on the use of best practices and traceability in the supply chain.

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