Commodity Business Intelligence

The Seam is here to make things faster for our peanut farmers and handlers, and since our launch of new peanut business intelligence tools, we are able to provide actionable data for changing or improving practices both on and off the farm.

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We launched our Producer Portal in 2017, allowing peanut farmers to receive instant grading and inspection information through automated text messaging. Not only that, but our Portal gives them access to graphical metrics, inspection certificates and farm purchase reports. Our software saves time and money, as it provides the insights needed to adjust practices, that will allow efficiency and value to increase.

Gain insights needed to quickly adjust practices on-the-spot, increasing efficiency and value, thereby saving you time and money. Contact The Seam today.

  • 5: the number of shelling plants using the platform.
  • 42: the number of peanut buying point customers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina.
  • 100s: The number of SMS text alerts being sent daily to farmers with real-time, actionable data.
  • 1000s: the number of producers the software is currently available to.
  • 1,000,000 tons: the amount of farmer stock peanuts The Seam processed through its platform during the 2017 historic harvest.