Commodity Management

The Seam’s Peanut Commodity Management platform is a feature-rich cloud platform, which provides shelling organizations with overall management of their farmer stock network.

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The Peanut Commodity Management platform provides a single destination for shellers to completely manage the flow of farmer stock peanuts. The platform includes the tools necessary to create and manage contracts, import grade data from FSIS for 1007 creation, track inventory, build BOLs and generate producer payments. With real-time data, it provides necessary information for growers, buying points and shellers to help make actionable, real-time decisions.​

With peanut loan (DMA) and electronic warehouse receipt integration, users have the ability to control every step of managing farmer stock peanuts from a secure, cloud-based platform. The Seam’s Peanut Commodity Management platform provides the most robust commodity management software on the market.

The platform is designed with shelling organizations in mind. This is a secure, transparent and data-rich platform with detailed reports, SMS message alerts, producer portal and real-time analytics, all of which are icing on the cake to an already robust platform. With increased organizational and operational efficiencies, implementing the costs of precise data are easily offset.